What goes into making a bottle of our fragrance?

What goes into making a bottle of our fragrance?

Here at Floral Street, we’re often asked how we come up with our unusual and eye catching names and concepts. So, to answer those burning questions, here is a run-down of how they’re made and all the love (and hard work) that goes into them.

Our ‘Muse Board  

First of all, we create a mood board of inspirational images and muses that really capture the feeling of our new perfume. We’ll then include inspiring and relevant words to emphasize the essence of what we’re creating. Our biggest question is always “who will you be today?” to ensure our loyal and new customers can surprise themselves, exploring different sides of their personality with a new scent.                





Off to New York

The mood board is sent to our master perfumer, Jérome Epinette, who is based in New York at the Robertet perfume house. The board helps inspire Jerome to create a first round of scents for us to review. The whole process takes several months, because we’re passionate about our scents being ethically produced, using the best sustainably sourced ingredients. Potential scents from Jerome are then assessed in multiple rounds of vials, each one a contender to be our next big perfume launch. However, we are conscious to keep this stage of the process to a minimum so we save on postage miles between London and New York.

Jerome Epinette


Back in London

While that’s all going on in New York, back in our London office we’re working on campaigns and engaging events. These will launch our exciting new scent across our retailers, newsletter, social media, with press and influencers and of course, to you. We are still a small team, so it’s all hands on-deck at this point.

We are also passionate about our packaging. We have committed to ‘packaging with principles’ so each launch is a chance for us to push our eco credentials to the max.  Our Product Development Team is heavily involved with looking at how we can be as eco-friendly as possible, from events and immersions through to the design, look and feel. Our scents are tested on humans (namely the Floral Street team) and the PETA bunny is always on our shoulder reminding us to be ethical.


The reveal

After almost a year in development it’s finally time to launch our new scent. We are so excited when the finished product arrives and we can send it to our global retailer partners and our flagship Covent Garden store in the heart of London. We can’t keep a great secret for too long, so before the launch we’ll start teasing it on social media and in our newsletter to give you a sneak peek. On our perfume launch day, we will invite you to experience our new scent in-store or online and we hope you will be in the mood to discover your new favourite unforgettable FLORAL STREET perfume.

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